About Us

You never really understand the logistical problems of having many small children until it happens to you!When we found out we were having twins, we were overjoyed, followed soon after with the reality of having to make 4 under 4 work. There were renovations to do to the house, a new vehicle that could accommodate 4 car seats to be purchased, and the question “How will we ever leave the house?” to be answered.

You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t gone through a similar experience. How do you leave the house?!?! We know you have done your homework and have discovered how heavy and expensive the other wagons on the market are. As problem solvers, we offer you 3 different solutions. The Famileasy Rider, Living, and Big Guy. Of course we offer a wide variety of accessories each. We are a Canadian family run business based on quality products, customer service, and affordability. 

We live our lives with our 4 small children and wagons everyday. We know what your needs are. They are ours also. 

From our Family to yours, thank you for shopping at Famileasy